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Under Hints and Tips, we have summarised – and will continue to do so – the “most often asked questions” from the Luberon Life WhatsApp group.

Learning the French language is also a challenge for many members of the community.  We’ll recommend language lessons, plus highlight many of the ‘new’ words creeping into the French lexicon on a regular basis. See the article on Language in Provence at the end of this page.

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Learning French

Learning a new language is a challenge for many people. When you, a foreigner, arrive in France with the best of intentions to improve your French you find the demands of daily life get in the way. Even if you have a good language level, contact with French speakers may not be as regular as you’d hoped and your French language skills progress slowly. 

Language In Provence in St Saturnin lès Apt has been running French courses for adults for 20 years. The courses take place in a comfortable environment and consist of small groups (maximum 6 learners) or individual classes. We focus on maximum interaction with your teacher to give you a sound base to the French language and  the tools to speak more confidently. Individual classes are tailored to individual needs.

As well as the weekly courses we run for learners from around the world, we are now also offering different options for local learners. You may not want to sign up for a full week’s tuition – though we are delighted if you do – and you may feel a regular weekly class would suit you better. From June 2021 (Covid restrictions permitting) we are offering 2 classes a week, one at elementary and one at intermediate level. The two hour morning sessions are limited to 6 learners per class.

This year we are also offering our weekly LANGUAGE LEARNING LUNCHES IN PROVENCE during the warmer months. There is a morning language session with your teacher followed by a leisurely relaxed lunch together where you have the opportunity to use your French and enjoy easy conversation. The days are a lot of fun and provide a valuable insight into French life.

We would be delighted too if your visitors would like to join us on our courses and at our language lunches so please do mention it to them. Language learning can be a lot of fun.

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Pic: Rosie Jackson
Pic: Rosie Jackson
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