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Your administrators produce and provide this site as a community service. There is no charge. However, if a reader wishes to contribute towards a charity of their choice, we have listed some charities in the Luberon from which you can choose.

In all cases, please deal with the charity contact direct and not through Tribal Knowledge Luberon as we do not endorse any one given charity and have no means of collecting and distributing money or goods.

If you wish to propose a charity for this site, please click here.  This includes some special events and campaigns.

HAPA Recyclerie APT

HAPA accepts most household items, including furniture, clothes, tools, ornaments, appliances and audio/video equipment which they repair, refurbish or upcycle and then offer for resale to the public. All proceeds are used to support the HAPA Association, which provides emergency accommodation, food, training and support to disadvantaged members of the Apt community, in an attempt to get them back into mainstream society.

By donating your unwanted items to HAPA, you are extending the life of items you no longer have a use for, reducing waste, reducing landfill, creating local jobs and helping local people. In addition, the sales area is interesting to walk around, and, who knows, you may even find something useful!

HAPA can be found at 479 Avenue de Roumanille – 100m from Luberon Bio.

For more information send an email to:

L’Ecole du Chats de Ménerbes

And other villages

It is said that there is a feral cat born every 17 minutes in a French village. It’s necessary to control this, but at the same time, enjoy the ambience and atmosphere that the cats bring to a French village. They are intertwined.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation, represented in many villages by L’Ecole du Chats aims to create an environment where the cats can live happily and peacefully with the inhabitants of the village. The Ménerbes Association, created on April 17, 2017, aims to sterilize, treat and feed “free” cats in the town of Ménerbes and its immediate surroundings. The “Cat lady” Michele takes care of abandoned cats but also domesticated ones. These cats are sterilized, tattooed, cared for and returned and kept in their place of life or offered for adoption.

If you wish to contribute to Michele’s cats – or if you wish to add your own village’s cats to this list – please contact her on

Restos du Coeur

The Restaurants du Cœur (literally Restaurants of the Heart but meaning Restaurants of Love), commonly and familiarly known as the Restos du Cœur, is a French charity, the main activity of which is to distribute food packages and hot meals to those in need. The association does not only target homeless but also all those with a low or very low income (single families, old people with a low pension, young adults…). Now the association also helps people to find housing and supports other projects. This not-for-profit association has the “reconnu d’utilité publique” (recognized as being of public interest) status which exempts it from specific taxes.

The comedian and actor Coluche launched the idea of the Restos du Cœur on 26 September 1985. “I have a little idea, a bit like this… If there are people who would be interested in sponsoring a free soup kitchen, we’d start first in Paris and then spread to France’s big cities.” The first Resto du Coeur opened on 21 December and soon multiplied all over the country. The goal of the founders was to give away 2,000 to 3,000 meals per day; 8.5 million were distributed in the first winter alone. In 2018, 130 million meals were served.[1]

The initiative was supported by a song written by the songwriter and singer Jean-Jacques Goldman called les Restos du cœur, which included some of the lyrics being sung or read out by other celebrities. A televised show allowed the organization to collect several million francs.

Coluche pleaded for the Restos’ cause at the European Parliament in February 1986 after learning that surplus products cost more to store than to distribute free to the poor; his plea was heard and in 1987 the surplus was made available to four organisations.

The association, highly respected in France, is known for its huge number of volunteers (66,000 in 2015) and its original fund-raising method.

If you wish to contribute, and the APT chapter prefers it in kind, not money, please contact Henrietta Taylor at

Apt Hospital

In 2015, a group of supporters who believe strongly in the importance of having a Community Hospital in the Luberon, came together in response to a call for help from Hospital Director, Mme Danielle Frégosi.  She was about to embark on an extensive modernisation project for the Hospital which it needed badly after more than 30 years.

While the French National and Regional Health Authorities, and the regional and local governments underwrite most of the costs, there are some elements not covered by the budgets allocated.

It is these important patient-facing aspects of hospital accommodation and services that the Fonds de Dotation, the charitable organisation formed by residents of the Luberon, has pledged to provide through its fund-raising programme and activities.

These include Multimedia-Medical Terminals (MMT) for each bed in the renovated rooms, providing patients with convenient networked access to email, social media, movies, and other means of communication with the outside world, as well as information and tutorials to help manage diseases such as diabetes. Nursing staff use the MMTs to record patient data and track their treatments, while doctors can hold external consultations and exchange data on patients with remotely located specialists or GPs through external communications links.

In the upgraded and reconfigured rooms, funds raised by the Fonds de Dotation are contributing to update decoration and provide extra beds so that a relative may accompany eg, a child, and stay with them overnight.

And to make the hospital experience less stressful the Fonds de Dotation is contributing to family-friendly waiting areas and improved directional signage.

The Fonds de Dotation has been collecting money for the past 5 years and has raised more than 500.000 euro to date.  

To contribute, click on this link: to be redirected to the Giving page on the Fonds de Dotation’s website.

Please contact Shelagh Lester-Smith, President, Fonds de Dotation, with any questions, comments, or suggestions.  Shelagh can be contacted on:

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