The Community Speaks

The Community Speaks:

Our contributors cover a multitude of topics: Your Feedback; Tastes of the Luberon; Eating and Drinking.

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Follow our Contributors

Your Feedback

We appreciate your feedback and in joining the Luberon conversation. However, some rules do apply. Common decency, good manners and responsible behaviour.

This section is moderated and if a post is removed, the administrators will contact the person directly to explain the reasons why.

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Send an email to:

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NB: This section will become ‘live’ as it gathers momentum!

Pic; Rosie Jackson

Tastes of the Luberon

Everyone has their favourite recipe. Why not post it on our Tastes of the Luberon pages?

Each month we will try and highlight a specific recipe, usually geared towards the season. “Where to buy?” will also feature in this section. What’s more, François Faverot has added some wine pairings too.

This section is not exclusive – if you have a favourite – let us know and send us the details.

To see the latest recipes, click here.

Eating and Drinking

Whats new in Wine and Restaurants?

Dinner and luncheon parties are filled with recommendations and comments on what establishment is hot, which is not up to scratch and where to buy the latest and greatest wine bargain.

To recommend or rant, click here. We’ll moderate and publish. No anonymous writing, please!

To add, click here.

We’ll activate this section after the COVID restaurant ban has been lifted.

Pic: Rosie Jackson
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