Welcome to Tribal Knowledge Luberon

Tribal Knowledge Luberon is a community-driven website dedicated to providing information on health, cultural and administrative matters to the residents of the Luberon in France – mainly the expatriate community but not exclusively so.

This site has grown from a WhatsApp group started when the COVID-19 pandemic started and has proved to be a lifeline of information and support to many.

In fact, the WhatsApp group has grown up!

Content is moderated carefully to concentrate on information which can be of value. No trolling, spamming, aggressive language is allowed or condoned. Everyone’s privacy is respected. 

The site administrators ask that the comments section is used in this way, and not as a forum for petty comments or disagreements – there are plenty of other social media channels for that.

The Luberon Community first semi-formalised itself in social media at the time of the first Lockdown in early 2020. Since then, our WhatsApp group provides information and medical updates on a continuous basis. Now over 200 people, it is a formidable force in the Luberon Valley.

To join, search for Luberon Life on WhatsApp or speak to one of its members, or apply through this website.


Here’s a great way to send our French products to friends as presents, especially now that Brexit makes posting such things harder with possible import duties!  https://www.buyfrenchdeli.com

19 May is a big day: Terraces in cafes and restaurants open! Limited seating but open nonetheless!


These are the hot topics of the moment. as featuring on Luberon Life.

New dates have been given by the French Government for ‘opening up – gradually’ as France – hopefully – emerges from confinement.

Check out Luberon Life on WhatsApp for all the latest rip to date information!

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